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    pmwiki ymmv ahalf

    A page for describing Funny: Two and a Half Men. Season 1 Charlie telling Jake that if he wanted to lie about writing a song, it'd be Stairway to Heaven.
    A page for describing YMMV: Two and a Half Men. Alternative Character Interpretation: Does Alan deserve to be a Butt Monkey, or or is it Laser-Guided Karma.
    A list of characters and associated tropes in the long-running sitcom Two and a Half Men: Harper Family The Ace: At least compared to Alan. Women and money.

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    The iTunes ratings of her songs arguably show this trope so much:. This continued into the later half of the first season that cemented its characters better.. Berta is the one character on the show who almost everybody likes.. You Know That Show.

    pmwiki ymmv ahalf

    Knowledge Dump: Portal 2

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    It didn't have nearly the amount of cheesy fun the original had.. You know you've spectacularly blown past the MEH when the black Muslims, the white supremacists, the Latino gang and the Italian Mafia all pre-emptively get together and agree to protect the guy who snitched. Alan, get in here!

    pmwiki ymmv ahalf